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  • Robert J Meachin, London:

    Hi guys, check this out. I used to smoke a lot and there was hardly an hour I didn't smoke, you know. I'm a programmer, working at home, but recently I made up my mind to get married. But my girlfriend said that she wouldn't grin and bear it all. So I decided to give it up. I've been looking through a lot of websites till I found Zyban. I read a lot of testimonials I got that it was just what I needed.

  • Mark H., San Francisco, CA:

    Zyban helped me to quit smoking at last.

  • William J. Lewis, Minneapolis, MN:

    Zyban helped me to break my smoking habit. It actually made it very easy for me to quit, much easier than I could ever imagine.

  • Stephen G., USA:

    This medicine was a great help for me in my battle with smoking addiction. I was smoking as much as 2 pack a day and now I don't ever feel the urge to smoke.

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