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  • Cipro no prescription
    Cipro as low as $0.41
    Cipro is a broad-spectrum antibiotic recommended for people suffering from respiratory pathogens causing infections such as acute exacerbations of chronic bronchitis (AECB) as well as for those suffering from urinary tract infections, some STDs, skin and soft tissue infections, septicemia, legionellosis, and anthrax.
  • Flagyl no prescription
    Flagyl as low as $0.32
    Flagyl is used to treat certain infections caused by bacteria and other organisms in different parts of the body.
  • Bactrim no prescription
    Bactrim as low as $0.32
    Bactrim is a combination medicine used in the treatment of a variety of bacterial infections.
  • Cephalexin no prescription
    Cephalexin as low as $0.53
    Cephalexin is a cephalosporin antibiotic used to treat urinary tract infections, respiratory tract infections, and skin and soft tissue infections.
  • Vibramycin no prescription
    Vibramycin as low as $0.45
    Vibramycin is a broad-spectrum tetracycline antibiotic.
  • Tetracycline no prescription
    Tetracycline as low as $0.36
    Tetracycline is a broad-spectrum polyketide antibiotic used against many bacterial infections.
  • Stromectol no prescription
    Stromectol as low as $2.21
    Stromectol is an anthelmintic used for the treatment of certain parasitic infections.
  • Erythromycin no prescription
    Erythromycin as low as $0.50
    Erythromycin is a popular broad-spectrum macrolide antibiotic.
  • Ampicillin no prescription
    Ampicillin as low as $0.36
    Ampicillin is used to treat a wide variety of bacterial infections.
  • Augmentin no prescription
    Augmentin as low as $1.43
    Augmentin is an antibacterial combination with a wide spectrum of action. It is used to treat many different infections caused by bacteria, such as sinusitis, pneumonia, ear infections, bronchitis, urinary tract infections, and infections of the skin. It is first FDA-approved antibiotic for both acute bacterial sinusitis (ABS) and community-acquired pneumonia (CAP).
  • Vermox no prescription
    Vermox as low as $0.45
    Vermox is used to treat infestations by worms including pinworms, roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms, and whipworms.
  • Clindamycin Gel no prescription
    Clindamycin Gel as low as $8.06
    Clindamycin Gel is a topical lincomycin antibiotic.
  • Keflex no prescription
    Keflex as low as $0.86
    Keflex is a cephalosporin antibiotic effective for the treatment of many different types of bacterial infections such as bronchitis, tonsillitis, ear infections, skin infections, bone infections and urinary tract infections.
  • Albenza no prescription
    Albenza as low as $1.04
    Albenza is used to treat a variety of worm infestations.
  • Ofloxacin no prescription
    Ofloxacin as low as $0.41
    Ofloxacin is a synthetic broad-spectrum antibiotic used for the treatment of certain bacterial infections.
  • Minocycline no prescription
    Minocycline as low as $1.94
    Minocycline is an antibiotic used for treating certain bacterial infections.
  • Suprax no prescription
    Suprax as low as $3.11
    Suprax is an oral third generation cephalosporin antibiotic. It is used for the treatment of a wide variety of bacterial infections including respiratory tract infections, middle ear infections, skin infections, urinary tract infections and tonsillitis.
  • Lamisil no prescription
    Lamisil as low as $3.02
    Lamisil is the #1 prescribed treatment for nail fungus infection worldwide, highly effective for the treatment of toenail or fingernail fungal infections.
  • Ceftin no prescription
    Ceftin as low as $1.79
    Ceftin is an antibiotic used for the treatment of certain bacterial infections.
  • Fusidic Acid no prescription
    Fusidic Acid as low as $11.70
    Fusidic Acid is a topical antibiotic.
  • Nizoral no prescription
    Nizoral as low as $2.30
    Nizoral is an antifungal medication. Nizoral is used for the treatment of a variety of fungal infections including candidiasis, chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis, oral thrush, candiduria, and dandruff or seborrhoeic dermatitis.
  • Noroxin no prescription
    Noroxin as low as $0.27
    Noroxin is used in the treatment of certain bacterial infections.
  • Cleocin no prescription
    Cleocin as low as $5.50
    Cleocin is a lincomycin antibiotic used for treating serious infections caused by certain bacteria. Cleocin kills sensitive bacteria by stopping the production of essential proteins needed by the bacteria to survive.
  • Isoniazid no prescription
    Isoniazid as low as $0.38
    Isoniazid is a medicine used for the treatment and prevention of tuberculosis.
  • Ciplox-TZ no prescription
    Ciplox-TZ as low as $1.31
    Ciplox-TZ is an antibiotic used in the treatment of bacterial infections.
  • Rulide no prescription
    Rulide as low as $1.06
    Rulide is an antibiotic used against a wide variety of bacterial infections.
  • Myambutol no prescription
    Myambutol as low as $0.68
    Myambutol is a tuberculosis treatment agent.
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